Cycle Update

New cycle storage

  • Between Cornwallis and Colyer Fergusson- 9 cycle loops are being installed this week. The work is planned to start today. This should provide storage for 18 bicycles
  • Historic Dockyard- 10 loops are being installed Thursday 8 December. There will be 5 loops located by the Church and 5 loops located by the Galvanising Shop. This should provide bike storage for 10 bikes at each location
  • Near Cornwallis East- The new card access cycle shelter is having the roof attached and card access activated within the next couple of weeks. This should provide storage for 26 bikes. Once completed, visit Campus Security to gain card access

Card access to cycle shelters

  • Card access can be put on KentOne cards for one calendar year for staff and for one academic year for students by Campus Security. An end date is needed for security purposes
  • In terms of how card access is updated, at Medway this is done through remote access. However at Canterbury the locks are not set up to be accessed remotely. We are currently looking into how much it would cost to upgrade these locks so we would be able to update all cycle shelter card access remotely. We will provide further updates on this

Dr Bike free bike check-ups

  • For anyone who is not familiar with Dr Bike, it is a service provided by Estates which is available to staff and students where you can get a free bike check-up by trained bicycle mechanics
  • Canterbury– Dr Bike is a weekly services (Wednesdays during term-time) at Canterbury Campus. The last Dr Bike session of the year will be Wednesday 14 December. Dr Bike is now located at the new Kent Sport Cycle Hub by the Pavilion. Check it out when you get the chance
  • Medway- Dr Bike is starting to come onto campus on a more regular basis at Medway campus. Currently Dr Bike is coming to campus twice a term

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