Sifting Reality

Dr Jack Davy (UEA) Research Associate, ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ One of the most complex aspects of untangling the history of Native Americans in Britain is … Read more

The Past and Presence

Dr Kate Rennard (Kent) and Dr Jack Davy (UEA) Research Associates, ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ Standing in front of the audience at BBC MediaCity on 29 … Read more

Year One in Review

Dr Charlie Hall (University of Kent) Research Administrator, ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ has been up and running now for one full year and, … Read more

A Conversation with Eugene Brave Rock

Dr Jack Davy (UEA) Research Associate, ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ The ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ project is not only interested in historic encounters between visiting Native Americans … Read more

The Rainmaker Story

Joanne Prince, Rainmaker Gallery Project Partner, ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ Rainmaker Gallery is a partner on the ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ project. We recently had the honour … Read more

The Salford Totem Pole

Professor David Stirrup (University of Kent) Principal Investigator, ‘Beyond the Spectacle’ In early 2018, my co-Investigator Jacqueline Fear-Segal (University of East Anglia) and I were on … Read more