We have a number of (non-assessed) mini-pupillages for Kent Law School Students with alumni barristers. Areas of law covered are crime, white collar crime, family and personal injury.

The MP’s are unpaid, and last from one day to 2 weeks, usually over the summer / autumn, depending on who is offering the MP. Most of the barristers are in London based Chambers but their work can take them anywhere. There may be help with travel expenses. You may be able to negotiate the dates of your MP with the barrister offering it and it is normal to select times when they are scheduled to be in a court that is convenient for you to get too.

Eligibility and Success criteria:

1.       Open to all University of Kent law students.

2.       MPs are not always easy to get and, in recognition of this, they will be awarded to applicants who are most able to articulate their motivations for a career at the bar.

3.       You should be able to demonstrate that you have already taken some steps towards a legal career.  This does not have to be formal work experience but there must be something beyond the study law!

4.       I expect to get a lot of applications for these opportunities so please use your letter to tell me about the areas of law that interest you the most and why so that I can match you to the most appropriate opportunity.  Vague and generic letters are less likely to be successful.

5.       This is an annual opportunity and, in the event of there being many applications preference will be given to those who are in their final year and/or aspire to be barristers.

How to apply:
Send a CV and covering letter to lssjemployability@kent.ac.uk.  Put “application for mini-pupillage” in the subject bar. Your letter should explain why you want this experience, which area of law you are interested in (i.e. crime, white collar crime, family and personal injury) and the benefits it will bring to you. Please also state in your application email your consent for your cover letter and CV to be forwarded to the relevant Barrister, if chosen.

Please read the following document before submitting your application form: Mini Pupillages Info 2022

DEADLINE:  Monday 13th March 2023 at 9am