How / when will I know who my mentor is?

You will be notified by early September (via your Kent email address) whether or not a suitable mentoring match has been found. If successful, your mentor’s details will be shared with you including information about their current role and expertise.

Who should make the first contact?

It is recommended that you make the first contact. You and your mentor will be sent an introductory email during September, to introduce you both. You should then respond to your mentor, within a few days of this email, suggesting a time to speak.

What support can I go to my Mentor for?

Your mentor will be able to share with you information about their own career path and experience. They can offer guidance about the actions you can take to boost your chances of finding a job in their sector. They may also be able to offer advice on your CV, interviews or building your LinkedIn profile. You could also ask them about tips for gaining work experience or whether you might need postgraduate qualifications for their professional field.

Can I take part in Kent Career Mentoring more than once?

Yes. The career focus and mentoring needs of a stage 2 student will be different to that of a stage 3 student. You are therefore welcome to participate in the programme as both a stage 2 and stage 3 student providing a suitable match can be found for you.

The mentoring partnership isn’t working, what should I do?

Not all mentoring partnerships work out. It’s no one’s fault, it’s just the way it is. You can ensure that this is less likely to happen by starting with an initial meeting to check the `chemistry’ is right and being open about your objectives before you begin your mentoring relationship. This should include a frank and honest discussion about what you want and need, and how you see the role of mentor and mentee. Refer to the suggested questions to ask. If you really cannot make progress, contact a member of the mentoring team about discontinuing or changing the partnership.

Either you or your mentor cannot continue

Contact member of the mentoring team as soon as possible on

My mentor does not make contact / you cannot get hold of them

The mentor may be away or a problem may have arisen, so please be understanding. We ask mentors to respond to student enquiries within 5 days. If you have only sent one email, try sending a follow-up to check they received your original message (mentors have very busy work schedules, so they may just need a prompter message). If you are still not able to establish contact, please inform a member of the mentoring team.

You are no longer able to make an arranged meeting with your mentor/mentee

Inform your mentor / mentee as soon as possible, via the method of communication agreed, and suggest an alternative date to meet.

How can I contact the mentoring team?

Please email