Mentoring is a great opportunity for University of Kent students to gain real insight into an industry or role that interests them from a professional currently working in that sector.

It is a rewarding experience to mentor someone and help them start the journey to achieve their full potential in their future career.

Mentoring involves sharing your knowledge, wisdom, skills and experience to help your mentee develop their own skills and gain a clear direction for their career after graduation.

About Kent Career Mentoring

This is a voluntary scheme aimed at professionals who want to share their expertise with second and final year undergraduates, as well as postgraduates, who are starting to think about work experience, internships, graduate jobs and careers after graduation.

This is a four month programme, taking place between September 2022 and March 2023.

Mentors will need to have at least 2 years’ professional experience, in a relevant area and be able to commit to a minimum of six meetings with their mentee, during the six month programme.


What is the role of a mentor?

Mentoring is about more than giving advice. Effective mentoring is about motivating and empowering the mentee to help them better understand themselves and their aspirations clearly – and help them identify how they can get there.

Mentoring should involve:

  • Supporting the mentee to achieve their mentoring goals, leading to enhanced personal and professional development.
  • Having career focussed discussions that develop the mentee to explore new opportunities and build confidence.
  • Sharing your experiences to increase the mentee’s awareness, knowledge and insight into the profession or sector.
  • Helping the mentee gain a clearer vision of their future career and encouraging the mentee to develop SMART objectives to get them there.

What are the benefits of mentoring?

Mentoring is a rewarding experience. Mentors participating in the scheme will have the opportunity to:

  • Share skills, knowledge and expertise
  • Develop mentoring/coaching skills
  • Self-reflect and gain personal satisfaction
  • Network and build connections
  • Give something back to the university and its students
  • Increase exposure for your organisation

How do I register to become a mentor?

To sign up as a mentor, please click on the below link:


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