Monthly Archives: June 2016

Professionalism in Parking Accreditation

On Wednesday 11 May members of the Transport Team attended the BPA Parking Summit 2016 and were award the Professionalism in Parking Accreditation (PiPA) from the British Parking Association.

Teresa Curteis, Travel Plan coordinator said “The University is pleased to have taken part in the BPA’s new Higher and Further Education PiPA pilot scheme, as there are many benefits this accreditation can bring to our car-park users. Kent has an active Travel Plan to encourage sustainable travel and, to ensure that the success of this continued, we acknowledged the importance of providing excellent car-park and traffic management practices. PiPA provided an opportunity to demonstrate that we are achieving this excellence.

At Kent, we always aim to deliver outstanding levels of customer service across all areas and the parking experience of our staff, students and visitors is of great importance to us. Our achievement of PiPA has provided an opportunity to demonstrate to all our car-park users that we manage all our parking processes, including customer service experience, provision of parking information, enforcement activities and local stakeholder relations, to the highest possible standard.”

More information about PiPA