Elias Benaata
BSc (Hons): Finance and Investment (Stage Two)

Elias is currently a Third-Year international student studying Finance and Investment at Kent Business School. At KBS, he is an involved student and likes to share his personal experiences. He is delighted to be the Editor-in-chief of the blog as he has a passion for CSR.

As a Third-Year student, he joined the United Nations Volunteering Program. Elias is responsible for supporting the YPDO organisation in its fundraising campaign. This experience has made Elias reflect on the importance of Civil Society Organisations in the context of COVID-19.

Dr M. May Seitanidi

Module Convenor 

May is passionate about reflection as a form of thinking and writing that raises awareness on the process of becoming responsible. All the modules that she designed and convenes in CSR at Kent Business School incorporate reflection as a learner-centred approach that develops self-awareness of thoughts, feelings, and actions. Students have the opportunity to develop a reflective report which deepens their theoretical learning in CSR, Business Ethics and Sustainability theories facilitating a deeper level of understanding about their own values and assumptions. Through reflection they learn to consider multiple perspectives in addressing social issues, a requirement for responsible actors in pluralistic societies.


Louise Frith
Student Reflection Guidance Advisor
Student Learning Advisor

Louise Frith is a Student Learning Adviser at the University of Kent. She teaches reflective practice, integration of theory with practice and reflective writing to students across the disciplines, including; Computing, Sports Therapy, Social Work, Professional Practice and Business Studies.

Louise initiated the University of Kent’s learning and teaching project on Personal Development Planning which led to the introduction of an online portfolio ( MyFolio https://myfolio.kent.ac.uk/myfolio/ ). This is designed to support students to record their activities and reflect on them.

Louise is a member of the Centre for Recording Achievement http://www.recordingachievement.ac.uk/ . She contributed to NARN the National Action Research Network on Researching and Evaluating Personal Development Planning and E-portfolios and she published a paper, ‘How do different models of PDP influence the embedding of e-portfolios’ in http://www.aldinhe.ac.uk/ojs/index.php?journal=jldhe&page=index .

Louise is currently working with staff and research students in the School of Computing to develop an App to support students’ reflective writing.