Welcome to the Kent Business School Student Reflection Blog for the Corporate Social Responsibility module (CB754). The blog is managed by a team of four students, who are currently taking the module for this academic year.

The aim of the module is to develop an understanding of corporate social responsibility informed by ethical theory and stakeholder perspectives. Students enrolled in the module have the opportunity to familiarise with essential readings and cases in CSR, in order to be able to recognise key issues that are raised by stakeholder groups. By employing the flipped learning approach, where direct instruction moves from the group learning space to the individual learning space, the module helps students build an understanding of contemporary social issues in business by highlighting the importance of a collaborative approach with internal and external stakeholder groups.

Reflection is a core element of the module and students are invited to reflect on the material learned, in order to build a deeper, more informed understanding of CSR. The aim of the blog is to guide and encourage students with the reflection process and to publish their reflections. In addition, recent graduates (previously enrolled in the CSR module) and guest speakers have also been invited to submit reflections, so that the current students have the opportunity to build an understanding on the application of CSR in the working world.

We hope that the current students, module alumni, guest speakers and other students and lecturers might find our blog useful for their own knowledge, reflection and teaching.

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