Dr M. May Seitanidi
Module Convenor & Blog Section Editor (Business-Civil Society Organisation Interactions)

M. May Seitanidi
 is an Associate Professor in Strategy and the Director of the PhD Programme at Kent Business School, University of Kent. She is a Visiting Professor of CSR at LUISS Business School, Italy and Visiting Fellow at the ICCSR, University of Nottingham, UK. She has published extensively on cross-sector social partnerships in academic journals as well as popular press. Her work for over 20 years, as a practitioner and academic, looked at all types of cross-sector social interactions (CSSI), previously on philanthropy and socio-sponsorship and currently on social partnerships across levels of analysis and geographic contexts

May is the founding Editor-in-Chief of the Annual Review of Social Partnership (ARSP) comprising of an international team of leading academics and practitioners in the field of social partnerships that promotes cross-sector collaboration for the social good. She is also the founder of the CSSI Symposia Series organised every two years at leading Universities all over the world since 2007 providing opportunities internationally for communicating cutting edge research in collaborative solutions to social problems.

May has co-edited two JBE Special Issues on Cross-Sector Social Interactions and published three books on CSSI Research. She is the recipient of the ARSP Honors List Certificate (voted internationally) recognised as ‘Thought Leader in Social Partnerships’. She has served as a consultant and trainer for many private, public, and non-governmental organizations. Books include: The Politics of Partnerships (2010, short-listed for the SIM 2013 Best Book Award) and Social Partnerships and Responsible Business. A Research Handbook (2014, co-edited with Andrew Crane) and Creating Value in Nonprofit-Business Partnerships Collaborations. New Thinking and Practice (2014, co-edited with James E. Austin; Finalist for the 2014 Terry McAdam Book Award).

Louise Frith
Student Reflection Guidance Advisor
Student Learning Advisor

Louise Frith is a Student Learning Adviser at the University of Kent. She teaches reflective practice, integration of theory with practice and reflective writing to students across the disciplines, including; Computing, Sports Therapy, Social Work, Professional Practice and Business Studies.

Louise initiated the University of Kent’s learning and teaching project on Personal Development Planning which led to the introduction of an online portfolio ( MyFolio https://myfolio.kent.ac.uk/myfolio/ ). This is designed to support students to record their activities and reflect on them.

Louise is a member of the Centre for Recording Achievement http://www.recordingachievement.ac.uk/ . She contributed to NARN the National Action Research Network on Researching and Evaluating Personal Development Planning and E-portfolios and she published a paper, ‘How do different models of PDP influence the embedding of e-portfolios’ in http://www.aldinhe.ac.uk/ojs/index.php?journal=jldhe&page=index .

Louise is currently working with staff and research students in the School of Computing to develop an App to support students’ reflective writing.


Lauren Thynne

Editor in Chief & Blog Section Editor (Business – Shareholder Interactions)

Lauren is currently a Second Year student within the School of Music and Fine Art, undertaking a joint honours degree in Event and Experience Management. As such, Lauren also undertakes Kent Business School modules, and has found a real interest in Corporate Social Responsibility.

In the Summer between her first and second years, Lauren worked as an Intern at marketing and staffing agency Highjam Marketing, within which she helped to develop many environmentally conscious brands. This placement opened her eyes to the world of Business Ethics, and she thought that taking the CSR module would expand her thinking further. Since starting the module, Lauren has taken particular interest in how shareholders can interact with a businesses’ ethical values, especially after Andrea du Rietz’s LEGO company presentation.


Margarida Lima 

Blog Section Editor (Business – Consumer Interactions)


Margarida is a final year student studying Business and Management, has returned to the University of Kent after completing her work placement year in industry at Microsoft.

She has always had a keen interest in Corporate Social Responsibility related topics, especially after completing the module in her second year. She believes it is up to everyone to voice their concerns when it comes to being sociably responsible, and looks forward to sharing and reading other students’ thoughts on current ethical events.


Laura Candrian

Blog Section Editor (Business – Consumer Interactions)


Laura is currently a Second Year student studying Business and Management at Kent Business School. She is an International Student, and enjoys sharing her culture and experiences with fellow students.

Last year, Laura participated in the Kent Business School’s Start Up Journey programme, where she developed her own business idea- an app to help consumers to reduce their carbon footprints. She went on to be a finalist in the scheme (a very impressive feat considering she was only first year at the time!), and received a place at the three week long European Innovation Academy based in Portugal for her efforts. This experience has made Laura reflect on the importance of consumer change and influence for Business Ethics decisions in a modern context, using modern technologies.