Reflection Guideline

Connecting theory with practice to achieve ‘Thexis

The CSR Module aims to connect the module’s theory with practice, a concept known as thexis. Thexis aims to bridge the divide between theory and practice, by retaining practical relevance for academia and achieving theoretically informed practice in order to develop improved processes and outcomes. A unifying word that was firstly proposed in the Annual Review of Social Partnerships (ARSP) 10th issue, thexis is concerned with “describing the outcome that is achieved when combining the knowledge and skills associated with the realms of ‘theory’ and ‘praxis’” (Seitanidi, 2010: 14). Thexis is derived from the combination of the two words theory and praxis. Thexis refers to the ability to move to an evolved understanding in any field, by merging theoretical and practical insights, theories and experiences.” (ibid).

Moreover, the critical role of reflection within the CSR module at different levels (individual, in-groups, large collective and public domain) provides opportunities for developing reflection skills that later will allow participants to become reflective practitioners. In effect, the CSR module aims to teach students how to link CSR theory with CSR practice and how to combine theoretical and practical insights into a combined student experience that they are able to reflect upon and bring forward into their future workplaces in a meaningful way through reflection.

by Dr M. May Seitanidi