Careers and Employability Service Comments on CB754!

We have received some fantastic feedback on the module this year as well as comments from the Careers and Employability Service.

It reads:

“KBS Medway students are in close contact with the university Careers and Employability Service. Careers Advisers have noted the impact of the module on many of the KBS students who engage with their service. “We have noticed that students who have done CB754 are always keen to find out whether prospective employers represent ethical businesses. They also have much more to write about in their personal statement for job applications because of their direct contact with employers.”

(Natalie Basden, Careers Adviser)


We would like to congratulate Dr M. May Seitanidi for her work, dedication and devotion towards the module and thank her for her continued support with CSR Reflect.

CSR Reflect Editorial Team

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