CB754 Student Comments

by Students (2015/16)

The students share some of their highlights of the year, having completed the module.

“.. not only have students benefitted from gaining a dynamic understanding of CSR, but have also had the opportunity to gain confidence in voicing opinions in an academic setting.”

Rupinder Gill, CSR Module 2016

“ … (it) challenged me to better myself via reflective learning and encouraged me to think outside the box preparing me for the future. … has provided exciting and interesting guest speakers, allowed us to engage, discuss and argue current issues, plus, by setting up a student blog we have been able to reflect on case materials using our personal experience in a creative and unique way.”

Fern Davis, CSR Module 2016

“… (it) does so by challenging us to share our perspective, whilst encouraging reflection. Personally, this has enhanced my communication skills and encouraged me to be more open minded – invaluable skills that I will use to build a successful career following graduation.”

Student, CSR Module 2016

“… bring great energy into the classroom which not only makes it a great learning environment but also gives you confidence to participate more. Another aspect I really enjoyed was the fact that most lectures have a guest speaker. This keeps things interesting as you do not get bored of seeing the same person every week. In addition, it provides great insight to real life ongoing projects, problems and solutions. My advice to the students who select this module is to enjoy it as much as you can as there is no other like it. Go to every lecture and seminar as you will always be learning new things that are not only relevant for your module but also great ways to make you reflect about today’s society.

Margarida Caldeira-Lima, CSR Module 2016

“I can truly say I have thoroughly enjoyed the module and have learnt more in this than any other of my modu les. Not only this but due to the discipline needed in order to do well in this module, a point May has made clear at the start of the year and has enforced throughout the year, to ensure seminar work has been completed a night before the seminar we would get together in groups and discuss the work to present to the class. This just shows that due to the involvement that is required in the seminars and due to the emphasis … on participation, all students want to have something to say in the seminar and thus complete the work to ensure this happens, this saw a lot of students who did not normally get involved in group projects and class discussions actually speak up showing their confidence and mine improved as a result of May’s teaching.”

Rohit Kalia, CSR Module 2016

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