The Times They Are A-Changin’ – Part 1

My university is celebrating 50 years in the business (1965 – 2015) and as such, I thought it would be a timely opportunity to showcase just how much the secretarial/clerical and administrative function has changed in the last 5 decades.  During that time, I’ve not only studied here, but through both varied, temporary and permanent … Continue reading The Times They Are A-Changin’ – Part 1

On being an Administrative Professional

It is clear that the secretary/clerical function has become more professional in recent years and has made work more interesting, allowing staff to have their own outcomes.  However, with this, a few unpleasant side issues have arisen.  Work place stress has occurred; resources don’t always match the increase in student numbers.  There is increased stress, … Continue reading On being an Administrative Professional

‘Unlike you, I never stop thinking…’

A while ago, my colleagues and I gave a presentation  about how university administrators are perceived.  The presentation resulted from our concerns about the negative perception of the role of the university administrators, particularly as inferred by members of academic staff.  One concern is that, by raising the issue, we could potentially create wider divisions with … Continue reading ‘Unlike you, I never stop thinking…’

Research Overview

2014 May 12 Phil Ward Research is key to what we are as a university. In many ways it is our identity: when asked what Kent ‘does’, many talk about the research for which it is known. Research is the reason why many academics started on their career paths. Their interest in the subject, and … Continue reading Research Overview