Release notes: 28 August

The latest Pantheon web farm update to www-dev and www-test (release tag 2012-08-23a) includes:
0 core changes
fixes to 5 snippets
changes to 0 themes

The svn logs of these changes are:

  • [Pantheon][Snippets][Summary3] Upload of Feed component
  • [Pantheon][Snippets][Summary] Fix Unicode issue for Arts site
  • [Pantheon][Snippets][ResearchDataGrid] Initial version of Research DataGrid snippet.
  • [Pantheon][Snippets][DataGrid] Modified syntax of makeDialog for sizes to prevent “px” being added to height and width. Added option to use a javscript variable as a data source.
  • [Pantheon][Snippets][DataGrid] Fixed bug where the getSelectedRow function would modify the json directly corrupting it and preventing further queries.
  • [Pantheon][PG Prospectus] fixed missing feeurl for keyfacts box

There has also been an update to Oil (release tag 2012-08-24-castor) involving some security updates.

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