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Release of new Courses snippet for web publishers

Dear web publishers,

Information Services in conjunction with EMS, have recently released some new snippets for academic schools to display their course information in a consistent way, whilst reducing maintenance and unnecessary duplicate information. Here’s an example of what the set of snippets looks like.


  • They enable school websites’ course information to be consistent with the central course pages;
  • Ease of updating: when course information changes in the online prospectus (Programmes Plant), it will be updated wherever the snippet appears on the Kent website (ie, on school pages and central course pages).


Why use them?

The University recommends that schools should start using the snippets at the earliest opportunity. It will help us to comply with one of the major themes of the Higher Education Review (HER) in early 2015:

The provision of information with an ‘expectation that information for intended audiences about the learning opportunities on offer is fit for purpose, accessible and trustworthy’.  The use of snippets, which draws from an agreed information source (the Programmes Plant), will facilitate compliance with HEFCE expectations.

How to get them?

In the new Dreamweaver snippet pack, you will find:

  • Course Summary snippet: pulls a list of your school’s courses into your website (from the central online prospectus, programmes plant).
  • Course Content snippet: pulls your school’s course pages into your website (from the central online prospectus, programmes plant).

To access the new snippets now, download the latest snippet pack on our sample site. Instructions on how to install it on your machine are part of our how do I setup and use Dreamweaver article. If your snippet pack automatically updates, you should see it within the next week. If you are unsure please contact

How to use the snippets

If you would like any help or advice, please contact or ext 4851 and we would be happy to help.

Kindest regards,
Information Services