Release notes: 20 August

The latest Pantheon web farm update to www-dev and www-test (release tag 2012-08-20b) includes:
3 core changes
fixes to 1 snippets
changes to 2 themes

The svn logs of these changes are:

  • [pantheon] Fix error messages from twitter & EventsCalendar snippets.
  • [pantheon][chronos] Canary page – add webfarm snippets + EventsCalendar
  • [pantheon][chronos] Updated sample site
  • [Pantheon][Themes][CCUSB] Custom tabber.js file
  • [Pantheon][Themes][CCUSB] New style tabs, fixes to summary styling.
  • [pantheon][core] Pantheon now writes errors to error logs instead of simply eating them.
  • [pantheon][core] – SiteStat.class.php modified
  • [Pantheon][Online Prospectus] new PG Prospectus layouts

These updates will be rolled out to the live webfarm servers once the Clearing period is over.

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