Monthly Archives: June 2012

Update on the University’s web server

Information Services (IS) are carrying out a programme of work to update and upgrade the University’s main web server infrastructure. The completion of the new “web farm” is designed to replace the current preview and live web servers (Oil and Castor). It will provide increased resilience, speed, flexibility, security and functionality for all University of Kent web sites.

Many central websites have already been migrated to the new platform, and the Web Solutions team will be contacting site owners to discuss the transfer of the school and departmental sites.

The migration process should not involve any work for schools/departments; however it does include a short freeze on content publishing, to ensure that content remains consistent.

An onsite familiarisation session will be arranged for all publishers in order to setup their site(s) in Dreamweaver and to provide training on publishing to the new web farm.

Regular updates and announcements on the migration, workshops, and other related news will be posted on the Kent on the Web website.

If you have any queries please email, prefixing the message subject with “webfarm migration”.

Kent on the Web brand rollout and site launch

Dear Web Authors,

Kent on the Web brand rollout

We are pleased to announce that the Kent on the Web website has now been rolled out into the new University of Kent brand (Chronos).

As part of the launch we will be using some of the new snippets that Chronos has to offer providing publishers with more information and regular updates on the latest enhancements, features and bug fixes to Chronos and the web templating engine, including announcements of new website launches.

New Series of Web Workshops


We are also relaunching  our free workshop programme providing hands on, practical training sessions on Chronos and the template for both standard and advanced users. This programme will run for 10 weeks between the 20th June – 8th August.

For more information on any of our services, announcements or to book a place on the workshops please visit the new Kent on the Web site:

Best Wishes