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Release notes: 11 September

The latest Pantheon web farm update to www-live (release tag 2012-09-06b) includes:

3 core changes
1 theme change

  • Bug fix: Fixed an issue where theme and snippet styles were not loading properly in Internet Explorer
  • Bug fix: We have enhanced the summary3 snippet so that it fails gracefully when presented with bad data (Eg: line breaks)
  • Bug fix: Minor security patch

The latest Pantheon web farm update to www-dev and www-test (release tag 2012-09-10a) includes:

4 core changes
1 snippet change

  • Optimisation: We have made a number of updates to the way that Pantheon generates web pages from published pages. These should speed up delivery of web pages by around 20%.

For those interested, the SVN logs for the above are as follows:


  • [pantheon][core] Extend PostProcessingSnippet, clean up css and remove checking if snippet is empty.
  • [pantheon][core] PostProcessingSnippet: refactor code + add additional alias/types.Improve comments.
  • [pantheon][core] PostProcessingSnippet: call setup per snippet load (init for construct), add error method for warn/dev output & added dev_warn. Wrap calls to setup and run in try/catch errors can be thrown within them. Add clearParams method to empty parameter table settings.
  • [pantheon][core] PostProcessingSnippet: Add backwards compatibility hook (example usage in SimpleSearchBox). Rewrite SimpleSearchBox to use new snippet style.
  • [pantheon][core] PostProcessingSnippet: Add support for named cells + sub attributes are now multidimensional.
  • [pantheon][core] Port twitter snippet to use PostProcessingSnippet
  • [Pantheon][Snippets][Summary3] Fix 500 error when bad xml docs were imported
  • [pantheon][core] PostProcessingSnippet now compatible with elementDefinitions. ParamaterTable parser will no longer run/cause errors if no parameters are expected. Port: IncludeCSS,IncludeJavaScript and IncludeMeta to use new system.
  •  [Pantheon][Snippetor] Fixed bug where some snippets were not wrapped in snippetbox div.
  • [Pantheon][Themes][CCUSB] Fixed missing font issue in IE8
  • [Pantheon][Themes][CCUSB] Fixed social media header alignment bug
  • [Pantheon][Themes][CCUSB] Changed inline-blocks to floats where possible to fix menu in IE7


  • [Pantheon] Added methods which now allow metadata to be displayed – generally cleaned up.
  • [Pantheon][Snippets][ResearchDataGrid] Added snippet to Chronos theme config.
  • [pantheon][core] Add Parser as [Inactive] – rewrite of PostProcessing & ElementParser classes (now with comments!)
    To enable: in template.class.php on line 227, comment out the call to postProccessing & uncomment the call to Parser.

– Rewrite of PostProcessing & ElementParser

– 20% faster on most page loads

– Adds debug date about how page was parsed

– Deprecates weighting system to avoid un-needed pass’s

– Extend HTML object to encapsulate DOM activity for Parser (Add ReadyForParse, ParseSnippets & stillSnippets method)

– Update Element to remove |snippet format as well as <snippet used by old Elementparser. (maintain compatability with both)

– Neaten code for str_replace_once, add debug() as quick method to add debug info that will only show with “?debug_performance”. Allow in_dev status to be overwritten from config (to make local testing easier)

– Add parser to class_map


Other: remove some rubbish from decorator & pageHeader.

  • [pantheon][core] Add more documentation to parser. Save is_readable calls on theme’s being loaded.
  • [Pantheon][Core][PostProcessingSnippet] Ensure Profiler is always ended
  • [Pantheon][Core][PostProcessingSnippet] If we warn and exit in child class, dont try and call decorator
  • [Pantheon][Snippets][TwitterSnippet] Commit a disabled fix for Twitter for when its needed.
  • [pantheon][core] Parser now users safer replace-er character. May switch to native tag rendering depending on performance tests.