Monthly Archives: July 2012

Release notes: 25 July 2012

The latest Pantheon web farm update (release tag 2012-07-25b) includes:
3 core changes
fixes to 5 snippets
changes to 1 theme

The svn logs of these changes are:

[Pantheon][Core] Resolve menu path resolution for subsites with _notes folders in their menu folders.

[Pantheon][Core] Dont profile on test/live

[Pantheon][Themes][CCUSB] Initial assets for CCUSB theme.

[Pantheon][Themes][CCUSB] Initial files for CCUSB theme.

[Pantheon][Sample Site] Fix Regression in show-hide.html

[Pantheon][Snippets][QuickLinks] Initial commit

[Pantheon][core] Fix use-case which could cause an infinite loop

[Pantheon][Snippets][FormMailer] Fix FMUtil tokeniser when field names are partially re-used

[Pantheon][Snippets][FormMailer] Fix issue with radiobuttons requiring an extra trailing semi-colon, which departs from convention

[pantheon][ugprogrammes] – removed year from links in the ugprogrammes in line with changes to the url

[Pantheon][Themes][CCUSB] Updated background, added image javascript.

[Pantheon][Themes][CCUSB] Added more snippets.

Release notes: 17 July 2012

The latest Pantheon web farm update (release tag 2012-07-17b) include:
9 core changes
fixes to 8 snippets
changes to 2 themes

The svn logs of these changes are:

[Pantheon][Snippets][SimpleSearchBox] Accessibility fix for fp #199935 – Add alt tag to graphical input element
[Pantheon][Snippets][SimpleSearchBox] Accessibility fix for fp #204061 – Add title tag to graphical input element
[Pantheon][Snippets][DateTimeSnippet] New DateTime snippet – designed for inline use
[Pantheon][Snippets][Carousel] Revert Commit 12053
[Pantheon][Snippets][Summary3] Initial upload of Summary 3 snippet
[Pantheon][Snippets][Summary3] Snippet Upload
[Pantheon][Snippets][RSS] Fix some long-standing issues with the RSS snippet, hopefully this will resolve a lot of issues users are experiencing
[Pantheon][Snippets][PageList] Fix potential collision in PageList::getUID
[Pantheon][Snippets][PageList] Little fix for PageList – uid will not work
[Pantheon][Snippets][KentContent] Fix unicode in staff names
[Pantheon][Snippets][KentContent] Staff profiles may want phone numbers.
[Pantheon][Snippets][Twitter] Add links for “@…”
[Pantheon][Snippets][Twitter] Reduce size of links

[Pantheon][Core] Remove Decorator::checkView depreciation
[Pantheon][Core] Keeping ParameterTable clean – Revert ignore tag
[Pantheon][Core] Add filename to debug panel (resolves FP 202726)
[Pantheon][Core] Allow snippet authors to exclude rows from Pantheon’s Parameter Tables so we can keep a nice (and less confusing) count on cells
[Pantheon][Core] Deprecate Element Definition Regex. Util::loadComponent now returns a boolean (true if the component was found, false if not). Cache::load now generates more helpful errors. PostProcessingModuleCore::parseParameterTable is now static, hopefully preventing the use of custom methods in the future.
[Pantheon][core] Remove ancient core test check.
[Pantheon][core] Path fix for Summary3-style uses of path resolution
[Pantheon][core] New Util::scanDir method for scanning directories and getting lists of files.
[Pantheon][core] Uploading Profiler

[Pantheon][Themes][Chronos] Remove warning message that is shown if key text is not set.
[Pantheon][Themes][MSP] Staff profile mini summary – changed title tag so static view matches animated view.

[Pantheon][Sample Site] Web Farm Notes for the sample site

Release notes: 10 July 2012

An updated build of pantheon has been rolled on to the preview web-server oil.

This release includes a number of bug fixes to path resolution functions as well as fixing some minor snippet bugs. A few extra warnings have also been added to the publisher panel.

SVN Logs:
[Pantheon][legacy][core] Back-port further path resolution fixes
[pantheon][legacy][snippets][PageList] Remove PageList fix from castor branch as the readable check does not seem to function properly.
[Pantheon][core] Backport img tag fix to castor as it works well on webfarm
[Pantheon][snippets][carousel] Fix path resolution (Resolves 158742)
[Pantheon][snippets][summary][events] Add warning when events dont have a start date and ensure that the event is not used.
[Pantheon][snippets][PageList] PageList snippet will now throw a publisher warning rather than a developer error if a listed file does not exist. Additionally, multiple instances of this snippet may now be placed on a single page without the tab-switching issue.