What is Sustainability?

There are many different definitions for sustainability so here we attempt to simplify this and express what sustainability means to Kent.

1: Check out this great video from Sustainability Illustrated that breaks down what sustainability is using simple natural sciences:


2: Sustainability is an opportunity…

  • To change, to disrupt, and challenge the status quo
  • To innovate for, create and ensure a future that provides equity for people and planet.
  • For global, national and local collaborations to provide solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges

So what are the world’s biggest challenges?

The United Nations asked the very same question of its 193 member countries and this is what they came up with:

Find out more about the Global Goals here and here.

3: Sustainability and Higher Education

With the opportunity sustainability presents it a great chance for Higher Education Institutions to be global leaders that demonstrate future proof estates, provide the frameworks and tools that the world needs, and to create a new generation of sustainability literate graduates who do not repeat the unsustainable models of the past.

4: Sustainability at Kent

Check out what Kent has been up to in our Sustainability Successes Report: Sustainability at Kent