John Wills GAmerica April 2023

How does America become a game? Come and find out at our wonderful interactive exhibition GAmerica – open until 27th April 11am to 3pm

Studio 3 Gallery, School of Arts, Jarman Building, University of Kent, Canterbury, CT2 7UG

Since the inception of the digital age, computer programmers have transformed the American experience into interactive entertainment, turning all kinds of U.S history, culture and politics into entertainment and play. Video games have collectively created a digital America for us to navigate and to explore. Featuring a mixture of curated posters, digital art, and playable machines, this exhibition catalogues America as depicted in modern video games. Come learn more about GAmerica and play some vintage titles. 

Exhibitor John Wills is a professor in US cultural history, film and game studies at the University of Kent, and the author of seven books, including Gamer Nation: Video Games and American Culture(Johns Hopkins University Press, 2019), and, with Esther Wright, Red Dead Redemption: History, Myth and Violence in the Video Game West (University of Oklahoma Press, 2023). He is currently a Leverhulme Research Fellow.

Sincere thanks and credit to The British Academy (London), Future Human (Kent), and the Institute of Cultural and Creative Industries (Kent).

We are grateful for MA Curating, who provided curatorial support for the exhibition.