Alfred Drury and the New Sculpture will close in Studio 3 Gallery on Friday 20 December at 5pm. After that it will move to The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery at the University of Leeds where the exhibition will reopen on 15 January 2014.


Here are some of the comments left by visitors to the exhibition so far:


Very Good


Beautiful –definitely worth repeat visits


Very beautiful works – fascinating sculpture


Simply stunning. Extremely impressive work and a joy to view in this space.




Beautifully arranged and lit.


Absolutely astounding exhibition!


Wonderful! So pleased to be here.


Great exhibition!


What an achievement. So many different mediums…


Fantastic work. Quite inspiring!


I love how elegant and dignified Alfred Drury is!


What a treat! Thanks. Drury & Rodin to boot.


Always nice to look around these exhibitions. Personally I preferred his paintings to the sculpture.


Truly a wonderful experience.


A lot of interesting things to look at not just the sculptures but the use of other materials as well. Really enjoyed the attention to detail. Like the fireplace.


Wonderful! The most inspiring and professional show on in Canterbury!


A really impressive fulfillment of a long maturing project!


Well done – another fantastic and inspiring exhibitions. They just get better.


Positively inspiring: Drury really is due for a reassessment!




Inspiring – love the recreation of the studio.


Captivated by Head of a Young Man by Dalou…


Very refreshing and interesting exhibition as part of the Festival week.


A really engaging and eye-catching hang. Great selection of works. Really enjoyable exhibition…


Worth revisiting many times.


Beautiful and inspiring.


Really interesting.




Excellent exhibition – good to have something like this on campus.


So enlightening. I wish there were more to see…


A wonderful exhibition. Stunning.


Most impressive.


Fantastic exhibition of an underrated artist.


Learnt a lot!

Alfred Drury, The Age of Innocence (1897)


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