BLACKBURN – Last 5 Days!


There are only 5 more days to see John Blackburn’s And God Cryed. Studio 3 Gallery will remain open until 7pm from Monday 10 – Thursday 13 December during this last week.

There will also be a round-table discussion about the exhibition on Tuesday 11 December at 5pm led by Frances Guerin (Head of Film at Kent) and Professor Martin Hammer (History & Philosophy of Art at Kent). John Blackburn will be present.

Comments left in the Visitor Book for this exhibition include:


Utterly astonishing, overwhelming, almost unbearably moving, how can one man have produced so much work of such power and quality in such a short time? Being reminded so forcefully of all man’s inhumanities is deeply uncomfortable, but also so very necessary. Thank you so much, John.


Astonishing. Thank you so very much.


Incredibly powerful images – very thought provoking.


A wonderfully distracting and inspiring lunch time treat. Incredibly thought provoking.


Otherworldly, haunting – clear ambition and diversity.


The best abstract expressionist I have come across – inspirational.


Impressive. Thought provoking.


What a man. What a painter. From strength to strength…


The art is dark and evokes a strange feeling.


Most moving exhibition. Mind provoking, haunting. Food for thought.




Simply stunningly spiritual.


Completely in awe…

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