Voluntary Sustainability Researcher, People & Planet

Volunteering is a great way to show future employers that you have relevant skills, you care about others and/or your environment and demonstrates commitment and that you have been in a position of trust. There are many opportunities to volunteer, including on-line! This is just one voluntary role that you can apply for, but you will find more on Vacancy Database – Target Connect.


All wording has come directly from People & Planet. 

People & Planet is looking for volunteers to assist with compiling its 2021 People & Planet University League; the only higher education ranking that classifies based on social and climate justice criteria.

Volunteers will research publicly available university documents and assess universities against our marking criteria, which cover a wide range of climate and social justice issues including decarbonisation, fossil fuel divestment, ethical banking, workers’ rights and ethical supply chains among others. This work will help to push the university sector towards taking immediate and appropriate action on the climate crisis and upholding the rights and wellbeing of all people internationally. Training is provided for the role. We believe the skills and experience gained will be valuable for a number of career paths, including working in NGOs, corporate sustainability, estates management, higher education, research and campaigning among many others. Apply by 15 August here