What type of solicitor do you want to be?

BPP University Law School are hosting a webinar for law and non-law students, interested in pursuing a legal career.  The interactive sessions provide a fantastic opportunity to engage with practicing lawyers and the team at BPP.

This webinar will focus on several of the careers-related issues which law (and non-law) students grapple with during their undergraduate degrees.  There will be a small panel of solicitors presenting this webinar, each of whom have experience of working as solicitors for a variety of employers.  They will outline their journey into practice and will explain what day-to-day life is like.

This session will help you understand

  • Whether you are suited to being a solicitor.
  • The skills you need for particular practice areas.
  • Which practice areas you are suited to.
  • Which firms to apply to for training contracts.

This is a very interactive session, so all your questions will be answered!

Register for free on the event website.