codebar at Kent!

Improve your skills through coding.

codebar itself is volunteer led, running workshops and other events all around the world. The workshops themselves follow a format of 30 minutes of socialising with food and drink, followed sometimes by a lightning talk, then coding. The codebar participants/students are paired either 1 to 1 or 2 to 1 with the coaches and can either go through the online courses available via the site, or get assistance with their own projects.

The workshops are free, led by Yoyo Design, and available to people who fit the eligibility criteria. These workshops form part of the County wide Kent codebar chapter, with the hopes to get more women, LGBTQ and people from other underrepresented groups involved with programming as well as getting tech sector based companies involved with supporting these communities in and around Kent.

Food and Drink will be provided / Bring your own laptop!

The first event is a Skills Development Session on the 28th October, and students who attend can gain 15 employability points as well as developing their coding skills. To sign up students need to use the following link: