Social Sciences and Criminal Justice and Criminology placement year meeting-Wed 8 November-14.00

The introductory session of the training schedule for stage 2 Social Sciences BSc and Criminal Justice & Criminology BA students who are interested in taking the placement year option in next year (2018-19 academic year) will take place tomorrow (Wednesday 8 November 2017) at the changed time of 14.00 (2pm). Please note that attendance at this session is complusory if you wish to undertake the placement year in 2018-19.

If you are a stage 1/first year student who is interested in taking the programme in the future (i.e. in 2019-2020) you are welcome to attend to help you investigate possible placement options and look at gaining experience in advance and contacting or volunteering with potential placement providers or other organisations working in the area in which you would like to obtain a placement.

We will talk through the placement year handbook and Natalie Basden from the Careers & Employability Service will provide information on searching for jobs/roles followed by a question and answer session.

You can discuss the resources for searching for placement roles and think about what kind of role you are interested in applying for.

You can also book a careers guidance appointment with Natalie Basden if you want to.

Venue:- room M3-04 Medway building.

Date and Time:- 14.00 (2pm) on Wednesday 8 November 2017