Coraline showing at the Gulbenkian Cinema on the 22nd of March

Posted by Sarah

The sixth film in the Gulbenkian  Cinema’s Gothic Season –  Henry Selick’s Coraline (2009) – screens on Saturday the 22nd of March at 3pm. The 3D film will be introduced by the Melodrama Research Group’s Frances Kamm.


 The Gulbenkian Cinema’s description of the film:

Henry Selick | US | 2009 | 100mins | Dakota Fanning, Teri Hatcher, John Hodgman (voice cast)

Henry Selick’s (James and the Giant Peach) beautiful, spiky stop-motion animation,  halfway between horror and fantasy, has become a bona fide classic. Coraline is  the young girl who, moving from their beloved Michigan home to the Pink Palace  apartment building in Oregon, finds herself lonely – despite her new, eccentric  neighbours – as her parents fuss over their new home. Exploring the building,  Coraline finds a small door which at night, becomes a corridor into a  fantastical parallel universe, in which versions of her parents and her  neighbours – with, disquietingly, buttons for eyes – live.

Basking in their attention and the  excitement of this magical place, Coraline overlooks its more troubling  elements; until one night, she can’t get back home…

“Combines  stunning visuals – there are scenes of incredible beauty – with good  old-fashioned storytelling that is funny, inventive and at times scary.  Destined to be a classic.” Cosmo Landesman, The Times

“A  gorgeously hand-crafted and pleasurably detailed piece of work. It’s also  genuinely strange, creepy and arresting.” Tim Robey, The Daily  Telegraph

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