ResLife Cup highlights: Volleyball

Volleybal player hitting the ball over the net while jumping in the air

The ResLife Cup continued this month with a Volleyball smackdown between campus accommodations, with a closely fought battle between Keynes, Rutherford and Eliot College for the winning title.

Taking on each college in a ‘rapid fire’ tournament, accommodation teams were gathered by their retrospective Res Life Ambassadors (RLSs) into their teams, representing Turing, Darwin, Eliot, Woolf, Rutherford, Keynes Colleges and Park Wood.

Taking place on a Friday evening from 4pm-5pm in the Sports Centre, students and the ResLife Team showed up in full force, with players ready to shake off the week and get the weekend started with a bang.

All games were 4 minutes long; score a point to keep the serve, or lose a point and your opponent scores and takes the serve. Teams were able to rotate in players, to ensure everyone joined in and had a go. This was especially useful for team Park Wood, who had managed to field the largest team. Due to the time constraints, colleges were paired together for each game. For example, Turing and Darwin Colleges would play together against Woolf and Eliot Colleges. With 2 fixtures played simultaneously in the main hall and a central clock used to control the timings, games ran continuously until the buzzer sounded, thundering games to a halt. Finally after seven exhausting rounds, a winning team emerged.

Volleyball player jumping in front of the volleyball net to hit the ball

Although Park Wood had the largest student representation, rotating in fresh and energised players throughout the tournament, they sadly finished in last place, with Woolf College just above them in 6th place. The smaller teams on the other hand, Turing and Darwin College finished in 5th¬†and 4th position, keeping their teams tight and focused. However, this wasn’t enough to catch the top three teams, who all finished on the same number of points, each winning 5 of their 7 games. The difference in points scored versus the points they conceded (goal difference) was used to determine the ultimate winner. This meant Eliot College finished in 3rd place and Rutherford College in 2nd place, leaving Keynes College to take victory and claim the top spot of the first 23/24 ResLife Cup Volleyball event.

Overall the ResLife team and the college teams had an awesome time. It was great to see so many students take part, making this instalment of the ResLife Cup a huge success. With many more events scheduled to take place throughout the year, we’re sure the competition is only going to get tougher.

Keep up to date with the ResLife Cup leaderboard, or better yet, join your ResLife College team in the next event, mixed Netball on Monday 4 December from 14:00 – 15:00 in the Sports Centre.

Find out more about the ResLife Cup on our webpage.

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