The point of this blog

User experience research is worthwhile but also time-consuming. This blog brings together short reports of all the UX testing we do, so you can see if somebody has already done testing that might be relevant to a service you want to improve. It may also help you choose the best technique for what you wish to find out, or show what methods of recruiting users have worked well.

How to find relevant reports

Use the search box, or navigate the tag cloud. We are tagging posts by:

  • user group involved in the research
  • the UX method that was used
  • location – where we carried out the testing
  • the services we tested

If you’re an Information Services colleague, you can follow links from the posts to the full reports on our Sharepoint community site.

How to post

If you’re an IS staff member who’s new to UX, please join our Sharepoint community of practice for advice on how to get started.

Posts here should be brief but give an overview of:

  • what method you chose
  • how you recruited your participants
  • where you did the research
  • what service the research was pertinent to
  • an overview of key findings