Free 2 week summer school – Behavioural Science Consulting

Every July, Cowry Consulting, the award-winning and leading Behavioural Science consulting firm based in central London, runs a free, two-week, online summer school programme providing students and young professionals with important insights into the world of Behavioural Science consulting.

What’s involved?

The summer school is a 2-week immersive experience taking you on a tour of the world of Behavioural Science, running from 18th to 29th July, 2022. See the Cowry Summer School 2022 Brochure for more information.

What it’s all about: 

We’re looking for the best and brightest minds in behavioural science, so students from the University of Kent are invited to apply to the programme.

You will gain:

  • Work experience: Real life briefs provided by our global charity partners will give applicants an invaluable insight into applying behavioural science in the real world
  • Valuable connections: Through Diversifi, an international partnership with behavioural scientists around the globe, applicants will have the opportunity to hear from, network and workshop with some of the world’s best applied behavioural scientists
  • Resume building: Behavioural science positions are few and far between, so this programme will give applicants a unique edge in demonstrating their practical expertise and skill in behavioural science

Register your interest here!


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