Upcoming Programme

Catching Flies

7 June — 31 July
An interactive exhibition exploring the theme of distractions; curated by the University of Kent MA in Curating students.

bOing Festival: Astrodome

25 – 26 August
International Family Festival. The Centre for Astrophysics and Planetary Science will set up a mobile astrodome, which is one of the most sophisticated in the country, uses a high-definition digital projector to provide a fully immersive cinema experience which can be used to explain concepts in space science and explore the universe. More info on https://boingfestival.com/

Artist in Residence: Rocio von Jungenfeld

16 – 18 September
Rocio von Jungenfeld, artist and Lecturer in the School of Engineering and Digital Arts at the University of Kent, will use Studio Three Gallery to try out an exciting digital media and design project.