Derek’s Room

Derek’s Room is the first juried open submission exhibition in Studio 3 Gallery at the University of Kent. Derek’s Room will be open from December 3 until December 7. There will be a festive event for the public and participating artists with performances on Tuesday 3rd December from 5pm onwards.

We are excited to invite submissions from artists and other creatives within Kent. Derek’s Room aims to display the rich variety of creative practice blooming in Kent: from painting, sculpture, photography, to performance, textile, poetry and digital media.

How to submit

To submit you need to email a completed submission form and a digital portfolio by Monday 11 November.

  1. Download the submission form. If you want to submit a work of visual art click here, if you want to submit a work of performance (to present during our opening event on Tuesday 3 December) click here.
  2. Complete the visual art or performance submission form. Please note that submissions without or with incomplete forms will not be taken into consideration.
  3. Select a maximum of seven pieces from your oeuvre to submit.
  4. Create a digital portfolio. This can be a powerpoint, slideshow with digital photographs and screenshots, a link to your Vimeo channel or instagram feed or a link to your personal website. Make sure that the panel can get a sense of what your work is like.
  5. Submit your form and digital portfolio by 11 November to
  6. The panel will let you know if your work has been selected by Monday November 25.

Open Submission Rules

  • There is no application fee.
  • Submissions are accepted from artists and creatives currently living or working in Kent. Submissions from people outside Kent will not be taken into consideration.
  • Unfortunately, we are not be able to provide compensation for participating artists and performers.
  • Submissions from children and young adults (<18) are welcome and encouraged, but a parent or guardian will have to sign your submission form. Parents and guardians should be aware that some works in the final exhibition or performance programme might feature adult content. Parental advisory warnings will be put in place.
  • The panel will not provide any feedback on the decision to accept or reject a submission.
  • If your work of visual art is selected for presentation in Derek’s Room, you will be asked to bring your piece to the gallery by Friday 29th November at the very latest. Your work will be installed by the Studio 3 Gallery curator and team, it will be insured by the University of Kent.


  • Start open call: Friday 11 October
  • Deadline submission: Monday 11 November
  • Communication of panel decision: Monday 25 November
  • Opening event: Tuesday 3rd December 2019