Picture This: one year on

It’s amazing what can happen in just a year (not to mention how quickly one year can go!) This summer marks to first anniversary of the highly successful ‘Picture This’ series of monthly features on the Canterbury Cathedral Library website, the fruit of a partnership between the Cathedral Library and students from the Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies.

Picture thisTo celebrate this anniversary, there will be a half day symposium will be held at the Cathedral on Saturday the 17 August from 10am-1pm. During the symposium, an exhibition, including many of the items which featured in ‘Picture This’, will be launched. It will be open to the public from 19 – 30 August from 2-4pm. For more information about both of these events, and the series of features, take a look at the Cathedral’s webpages.

Over the past year, these brief features on the Cathedral’s webpages have informed, amused and stunned us with the wide variety and fascinating history of just a handful of rare books within the Cathedral Library’s collection. If you’ve been an avid follower of the series, you will know that they have taken in subjects as diverse as medieval heroism, early maps, scripture, Tudor prayer books and early modern frogs have all featured. If you’ve missed any of the posts, or would like to catch up on them, take a look at the full list of features.

We can’t wait to discover more in the next year of the series.

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