GTA Representation and Governance

  1. Graduate Teaching Assistant Representative –  GTA Rep Role Description 2018

All schools will appoint a GTA representatives from amongst their GTAs. GTA representatives are expected to act as a conduit for communication between GTAs, their school and the wider University, especially the Graduate and Researcher College.

The duties of the GTA representatives will include:

  • To attend relevant school meetings, as determined by the Head of School or their representative. This will normally include the School’s Graduate Studies and Education Committees.
  • To attend the University’s GTA Representative Network meetings (one per term) and other meetings arranged by the Graduate and Researcher College if the need arises.
  • To seek collective views from the Graduate Teaching Assistants in the school.
  • To work closely with the School‘s GTA Coordinator.
  • To provide feedback to GTAs about any University/School decisions or proposals.
  • To have a formal handover with any incoming GTA Representatives.

The GTA Representative must be currently employed as a GTA and they must not also be a Student Representative. Normally there will be one GTA representative per School. Where there are large numbers of GTAs, schools can decide to appoint two GTA Representatives. A full list of GTA representatives can be found online here.

  1. GTA Representative Network

The Graduate and Researcher College coordinates a GTA Representative Network which is chaired by the Dean of the Graduate and Researcher College. This provides a forum in which all the school-level GTAs can meet to raise and discuss current issues, share good practice and receive updates from the University.  Dan Scanlon (Biosciences GTA Representative 2018-19) describes the importance of the GTA Representative Network as follows:

GTAs are an integral part of the university teaching staff; a combination of staff and student experience – so understandably, this provides GTAs with a somewhat unique perspective on student learning experience. The Graduate and Researcher College has recognised that GTAs should be represented university-wide; creating the GTA rep network – we meet several times throughout the year to discuss any issues which affect the GTA student experience, as well as our teaching. Each school has a representative who can relay any questions or concerns directly to the Graduate and Researcher College, ensuring that GTA students are taken seriously and supported effectively, throughout the university. As a GTA representative it is important to develop/make use of strong interpersonal skills, though additionally GTA reps can always be contacted directly through email. One of the most encouraging things while taking up this role has been seeing first-hand issues getting discussed with staff from the Graduate and Researcher College, and then hearing the outcomes of this feedback at the next meeting; proving that GTA students have an effective route to voice their opinions.

Information about when GTA Representative Network meetings will take place is available online here. Please inform your GTA Representative in advance of the meeting if you would like them to raise any issues for discussion on your behalf. Any queries about the GTA Representative Network can be directed to the Graduate and Researcher College (

  1. GTA Governance Group

The Dean of the Graduate and Researcher College chairs a GTA Governance Group which oversees the University’s Graduate Teaching Assistant scheme to ensure there is parity and consistency in its operation across academic schools. Its membership includes the Head of Graduate and Researcher College Administration, Postgraduate Funding Officer, School Administration Managers, GTA Coordinators, PGCHE Director, UCU Representative, Human Resources Representatives, KGSA President and three GTA representatives. Any queries relating to the GTA Governance Group can be directed to