GTA Training and Resources

Formal Training

The formal training and development currently provided by the University to Graduate Teaching Assistants comprises the following:


  • Introduction to University Teaching Session coordinated by the University’s Graduate and Researcher College and delivered by staff members from the Unit for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching. Queries about these sessions can be directed to the Graduate and Researcher College on
  • Small Group Teaching OR Lab Demonstrating Session
  • Associate Fellowship Scheme (AFS) which is coordinated by the Unit for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching. Full information about the AFS including how to apply can be found online here: . GTAs should ensure that they apply for a place on the AFS as soon as possible following their registration.


  • The Graduate and Researcher College offers workshops and online resources on teaching. These can be viewed and booked through the Graduate and Researcher College’s online system for its Researcher Development Programme. Should you wish to suggest topics for future inclusion in the programme based on your experience as a GTA, please send suggestions to the Graduate and Researcher College (
  • The GRC also subscribes to the online training series offered by UEA which includes the below teaching sessions. Click here to book and for more information:
    • Preparing and delivering seminars
    • Preparing and delivering lectures
    • Assessment, feedback and module design

If you have any further suggestions or feedback on our current training provision, please email the Graduate and Researcher College(

The formal training provided by the University may be supplemented by further training and development within your academic schools. Any further subject-specific training available to you should be communicated to you by your school as part of your induction.

Resources for GTAs New to Teaching

Please find below some useful Kent resources and some examples of on-line resources available to you when preparing to teach.

  1. Moodle guidance on making your module accessible

If you use Moodle when teaching can use the above link to make sure your documents meet accessibility standards.

     2. Higher Education Academy: Teaching as a PhD Student

 This document provides guidance on preparing to teach for the first time including preparing for the course and first class, individual lesson planning and evaluation lessons. It also covers teaching in practice sessions on running successful seminars and giving lectures.

3. Higher Education Academy: Small Group Teaching: A Toolkit for Learning

This document provides an overview on how to approach small group teaching by looking at the rewards and challenges associated with it.

4. HEA Large Group Teaching Techniques

This resource provides top tips which are short, quick and simple strategies to help engage (and entertain students) in the lecture theatre, specifically in larger classes when 1:1 interaction or small group/tutorial work is not possible.

5. Geoff Petty: Improve your Teaching and that of your Team

Geoff Petty is one of Britain’s leading experts on teaching methods. Enjoy experimenting with these methods but don’t expect to use them perfectly straight away. Make sure you understand why they should work, and adapt your use of them until they begin to work well.’ (Quote from Geoff Petty Website)

Geoff Petty’s website provides a range of guidance information for teachers which may be useful to you:

A further list is available here: