Monitoring Performance and Ensuring Quality Teaching

  1. Getting Feedback on your Teaching

It is the module convenor’s responsibility to discuss all feedback obtained via module evaluations with GTAs and HPLs so that this feedback can be used to inform a their training and development.

  1. Module Evaluation

The module evaluation questionnaire will be provided online to students. For quality assurance purposes, the module evaluation will contain closed choice questions regarding:

  • the provision of resources (School and central, e.g. computing, library);
  • the adequacy of the physical setting (lecture rooms and other facilities);
  • the information provided about a module both before and during the module;
  • the organisation and delivery of material;
  • the setting and punctual return of assessed work;
  • the helpfulness of all forms of feedback and opportunities for discussion on individual work.


Annex L (Student Evaluation) of the Code of Practice for Research Programmes of Study provides more information about how the University obtains and considers the views of students in relation to their learning and teaching.