Vice Chancellor’s Cup highlights: Garden Games

As we enter the final stage of the VC’s Cup, teams gathered for the penultimate battle, taking to the Library lawn for Garden Games!

Games were played over two days, with the second day seeking cover in the Sports Hall, following a bout of poor August weather. However, teams didn’t allow the rain the dampen their spirits or their firey determination to win!

Day 1 took place on Tuesday 29 August, teams each submitted one team member to play four different lawn games. These included:

  • Pétanque: A game which involves throwing balls to a jack. The team with the closest ball(s) win.

  • Molkky: This game is played by throwing a wooden pin to knock down a group of Skittles numbered 1 – 12. The first team to score 50 points wins.

  • Ladder Golf: Each player has a different coloured bolas (two golf balls attached by a nylon rope). The object of the game is to wrap your bolas around the top, middle or bottom ladder rung.

  • Bat and Trap: Here, teams split into batting and fielding. The batters hit the ball between the posts, whilst the fielding team return the ball and hit the trap target.

Rotating around, teams took on new opponents each game. After a successful run of events, Campus Sporting Exploits came out strong, winning all their games. With teams DoNATS and Marlowe’s Marauders winning three of their four games.

Returning for day 2 on Thursday 31 August, teams attempted to better their standings, taking part in another five games.

  • New Age Kurling: This version of curling is played indoors on any smooth, flat surface such as a sports hall rather than on ice.
  • Jenga: Teams took turns removing and stacking blocks. The team that caused the tower to fall, lost.

  • Quoits: Players have five rope rings, which they must throw over a pin. Each pin was worth a set number of points.
  • Bowling: Who hasn’t played bowling before?! Roll the ball and knock down the pins to score points.
  • ‘Sports Throw’: This game consisted of throwing small dodgeballs, frisbees, hula hoops, big dodgeballs and Nerf Vortexes into various buckets to score points.

Following the second round of events, Happy Ravers delivered an impressive four wins out of the five games. With Super Human Sciences close behind them, taking three out of five wins. Overall, team Happy Ravers finished 1st with 20pts, Campus Sporting Exploits were a close 2nd with 19pts and Marlowe’s Marauders came 3rd, only 2pts behind the leaders, with 18pts.

This was a lighthearted, fun event that saw many teams self-scoring, so a huge shout out to all teams for their fair play and honest team spirit!

Our next and final event of the VC’s Cup 2022/23 is The Quiz, on Monday 4th September in the Darwin Conference Suite. It’s time to engage those brains!


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