ResLife Cup highlights: Mixed Netball

We witnessed some more exciting performances at the latest ResLife Sports Cup event this month, which saw our residential students from Darwin College, Keynes College, Park Wood, Rutherford College, Turing College and Woolf College, team up for a session of mixed netball fives.

A quicker and shorter variation of traditional netball, fives is played with, you guessed it, five players, with the Wing Defence (WD) and Wing Attack (WA) positions dropped from play. With a lack of centre-court players available, rules are flexed to allow the Goalkeeper (GK), Goal Defence (GD), Goal Attack (GA) and Goal Shooter (GS) greater movement around the court, meaning they were able to flex into their attacking (GS/GA) or defending goal thirds (GD/GK). In addition, players could opt to play it safe for one point and score from inside the goal circle, as is standard for netball, or risk it for three points by scoring from outside the goal circle.

 University student aiming to shoot the ball while a very tall students defends from under the post.

As students arrived, teams were formed, merging Keynes College and Darwin College, as well as Rutherford College and Turing College. Throughout the session, each college played each other twice over four minutes. By the end of the hour, it was no surprise to see the temporarily formed duo Rutherford College and Turing College dominate the competition, going unbeaten! Parkwood held their own, finishing in 2nd place, and the merged Keynes College and Darwin College team finished 3rd. Woolf College worked hard to take the last spot, with Eliot College being unable to attend this event, scoring no points for this one.

ResLife teams posing for a group photo.
Top left: Keynes and Darwin College. Bottom left: Rutherford and Turing College. Right: Park Wood.

The updated leaderboard rockets Rutherford College to 1st place, followed by Keynes College, only one point behind. Turing College rounds up the top three, though they will need to work hard to maintain their lead, with Darwin College, Woolf College and Parkwood trailing not too far behind. Eliot College will need to pull their socks up as they find themselves bottom of the leaderboard with just 8 points. Though with five more events to go, there are many more points up for grabs!

You can catch the next ResLife Sports Cup event, Benchball, on Monday 29 January 2024 from 14:00-15:00 in the Sports Centre. Stay up to date with the ResLife Cup scores and upcoming events on our webpage

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