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Everyone could do with some health and fitness help from time to time. Even the fittest and healthiest of us can lose our way, and that’s where the experience of Kent Sport staff can help get you on track. Please note that until further notice, due to faulty equipment, the fitness team will not be conducting fitness tests that involve body fat percentage. All other services such as consultations and personal training are unaffected. 

Our range of health and fitness services includes:


Initial fitness consultation

Please note that most services will require an initial fitness consultation. All other appointments will be made available after this. To book a health or fitness consultation please contact the Sports Centre reception.

The initial fitness consultation is your prerequisite to all other appointments and involves a one to one consultation with a fully qualified instructor who will review your exercise experience, medical history, current health, and fitness goals and then offer advice to determine an exercise path to meet your needs. If you have never used a gym before, this is also a good opportunity to become familiar with the different types of equipment we have here at Kent Sport. The initial fitness consultation lasts for up to 60 minutes and prices start from £8 for Premium Plus members. Appointments are available every day and can be booked from the Sports Centre reception. Please be aware that you do not need to be in sports clothes for this consultation.

Premium Plus Premium Plus Pay to Play
£8 £12 £14 £14

Fitness tests

We offer a range of 60-minute one-to-one fitness assessments conducted by a fully trained instructor that will provide useful benchmarks and targets for your physical activity goals. Our most popular tests include:

  • Body composition testing (Bioelectrical Impedance method),
  • Wattbike fitness assessment and set-up,
  • Military or emergency services pre-joining tests.

Each session will conclude with a consultation to discuss the test results. Your assessment needs can be determined at your initial fitness consultation.

Premium Plus Premium Plus Pay to Play
£6 per test £10 per test £10 per test £12 per test

Exercise programs

The exercise program session is available once you have had an initial fitness consultation. A qualified instructor will take you through the prescription and demonstration of a personalised exercise routine based on your initial fitness consultation and will include a program card for you to follow as you train. During this session, your instructor will check understanding and ensure you are able to perform all prescribed exercises safely, correctly and effectively to maximise the chance of you achieving your health and fitness goals. You are also entitled to a free program review consultation with your instructor to check your progress; normally this would be six weeks after you start your program. Book directly with the instructor who does your initial fitness consultation.

Premium Plus Premium Plus Pay to Play
£12 £14 £20 £20

Personal training

Personal Training is available for individual members who want a personalised and comprehensive program and one to one training with an instructor suited to their training goals. Personal Training is aimed at those looking for long term changes to their lifestyle and performance, whether that is losing weight, improving body composition, increasing sports performance, or simply the accountability and increased motivation from having a one to one session.

Working with a personal trainer for a few sessions is a good way to help you learn the right way to exercise effectively and equip you with knowledge and confidence that will allow you to exercise effectively on your own for years to come. A personal trainer can also add variety to your current workouts and bring a fresh perspective with new or more challenging exercises to maximise your potential.

Personal training includes a free consultation and fitness assessment to ensure the sessions are personalised to your needs and ability.

Premium Plus Premium Plus Pay to Play
30-minute single session £14 £18 £24 £24
30-minute block of six £70 £90 £120 £120
60-minute single session £22 £30 £40 £40
60-minute block of six £110 £150 £200 £200

Nutritional consultation

The nutritional consultation includes a more focused review of your nutritional habits and provides advice on healthy eating and lifestyle.  Your one to one appointment with the nutritional team will involve an initial dietary analysis and food diary task for you to complete.  The team will also be able to assess your current nutritional habits and provide useful guidance on improving healthy eating, lifestyle balance, and exercise prescription.  The team may also recommend our Commit to Nutrition Plan that will offer further personalised support and guidance on achieving a balanced diet in the long term. This service is bookable without attending an initial fitness consultation; please contact Jeni ( or Liz ( for more information.

Premium Plus Premium Plus Pay to Play
£10 £12 £14 £14

Commit to nutrition plan

Following your initial nutritional consultation, your instructor may recommend the Commit to nutrition plan involving a series of one to one appointments, assessments and exercises set up to help achieve a balanced diet and active lifestyle.  Your needs will be assessed by the nutrition team who will then structure a series of further appointments for you to commit to over a period of time agreed by you.  Each session will be tailored to your needs and will conclude with a review of your progress and options going forward. This service is bookable without attending an initial fitness consultation; please contact Jeni ( or Liz ( for more information.

Premium Plus Premium Plus Pay to Play
£28 £32 £40 £40
  • Personal training – one-to-one sessions with a fitness instructor and tailored to your individual goals. Includes a fitness assessment and consultation. Prices start at £22 for 60-minutes. Personal training discount: get six sessions for the price of five when you block book.
  • Exercise programs, fitness consultations and nutritional advice – personalised services giving you a comprehensive overview of your body and fitness levels. Programs tailored to your specific goals.
  • Physiotherapy and massage – whether you’re looking for injury rehabilitation, or a relaxing massage, the Physiotherapy Clinic’s highly-trained staff can help. For more information visit the Physiotherapy Clinic website.


If you have any questions about your health and wellbeing, please speak to a member of the Kent Sport fitness team at the Sports Centre or visit our Health and fitness webpage. 

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