What is employability?

Employability is the term which encompasses your capability to find and retain employment. The aim of employability development is to make you employable – to have the skills, abilities, knowledge, and experience that employers want – so that you can compete for and obtain the jobs you want, and to succeed in them once you have them.

Employability at Kent

The University is committed to enhancing the employability of all our students, in order to enable you to enter and succeed in the highly competitive global job market. As such, the University has a range of departments dedicated to providing advice, support, and opportunities for both current undergraduate and postgraduate students, and recent graduates.

History in Practice

Students with History-related degrees are highly sought-after by graduate employers, because they recognise the skills you acquire through your studies. The ability to research, to analyse, to recall and present information, to argue persuasively in written work and in conversation, to name but a few, are applicable to every aspect of working life, and employers desire graduates who can demonstrate these skills.

The School’s goal is to get you to reflect on these skills throughout your studies, so you can put them into practice. We aim to provide you with as many opportunities as possible for reflection on your skills and abilities, and to put them into practice in a variety of ways.

This blog will be updated regularly with information relating to your employability development, , especially regarding events and opportunities for work experience (for example, the School is often contacted by local organisations and charities who would like to offer students the chance to put their academic skills into practice).

In order to ensure that you hear about all of these opportunities, be sure to check back to this blog regularly, or subscribe to it through the RSS tool on the right hand side. You are also encouraged to follow the School’s Twitter and Facebook to ensure that you don’t miss out on any news and opportunities.

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