As part of your degree, you are encouraged to continually reflect on what you have learnt, and how you can apply this knowledge to new challenges. Similarly, your employability development is based entirely on your ability to consider what skills you have, how you have used them in the past and could use them in the future, and how you can enhance them further. Your ability to present and demonstrate your skills and experience is at the heart of your employability.

There are a number of tools available to help you reflect on what you have learnt and done, and how that might benefit your employability prospects. There are also several award schemes, which recognise and reward you for undertaking employability-related exercises and opportunities. These tools and awards have the added benefit of being demonstrable examples of how you have undertaken your own professional development during your studies, which you can list on your CV and discuss at interview with potential employers.

The Path to Employment

You may find the array of opportunities and services daunting – certainly there are a great many ways to use and record your employability skills and development. As a result, there is a year-by-year guide for employability development that you may find useful:

Award, Reward, and Self-Reflection Tools and Schemes


Kent Student Certificate of Volunteering

Kent Union Toolkit

Careers Employability Award

Employability Points Scheme

Global Skills Award (PG-T students only)