Virtual Careers Fair: 18-22 March 2019

To help candidates better cope with the rapidly-changing recruitment landscape, the Graduate Career Centre has been developed. This is a next-generation virtual career fair which harnesses the power of innovation to create a biannual online platform where students and new graduates can have virtual meetups with top employers of UK to explore career opportunities – a great approach that saves time and costs for all parties involved.

  • Deadline for applications is Sunday, 10 February 2019. All you need to do is fill out the simple 5-question application form at Further information about the event can be found on the same page.
  • Meetups/interviews will be scheduled through GCC’s user-friendly meetup system from 14 to 17 February 2019. Students will be able to choose the companies and company representatives they would like to meet. The system seamlessly integrates appointments with Outlook, Google Calendar and other calendar applications. Students can get appointments on any day, any time during the fair week depending on the availability of company reps. Companies will have several reps so the students will have the time flexibility.
  • The GCC Virtual Career Fair event will be held online between 18-22 March 2018.

Preparing for the Careers Fair – Tues 31st Oct, 12-3, Sports Centre

Employability Festival is in full flow, and I hope you have gone along to a few of the dozens of workshops, talks, and events going on across campus intended to support and enhance your employability prospects.

One of the most important EmpFest events to go along to is the Careers Fair. For the past few years Kent has organised one of the largest employment fairs in the South East of England – over a hundred companies and employers will be coming down to the Sports Centre in order to meet you.

The Careers Fair is one of the best opportunities you will have to learn about the jobs and careers available to you, and to make a key connection that might be the first step on the road to a work experience opportunity, a work placement, or an interview.

Just going along will be extremely useful, but to get the most from the Fair you should prepare, think about who you want to speak to, and be ready to pitch yourself to employers. The Careers and Employability Service have prepared the follow checklist to help you; I hope it is useful, and that you make the most of this opportunity.

Getting the most out of the Careers Fair

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A new page is up on the blog, focusing on helping you prepare for the University’s Careers Fair on Tuesday 3rd November. This will be your opportunity to meet with representatives from up to 130 different organisations, from a vast array of industries and sectors, and so preparation will be essential.

Head to the page for advice on how to make sure you get maximum benefit from this great opportunity, and click the link below to download the flyer prepared by the Careers and Employability Service.

Flyer – Getting the Most from the Careers Fair

EmpFest 2015!

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The Employability Festival is a month-long series of over 170 events held across the University and on every type of subject, with a single goal – helping you to maximise your employability prospects.

The Employability Festival is organised centrally by the Careers and Employability Service, with support from each of the academic schools around the University. These events range from large fairs – the Careers Fair, one of the largest employment fairs in the country, on 3rd November; the Work and Study Abroad Fair on 27th October, and the Kent Opportunities Fair on 5th November – to bespoke training designed to improve your skills – developing a CV, confidence at interviews, and tackling graduate employer assessment centres, to name just a few – to sector-specific events to highlight opportunities in teaching, banking, software design, marketing, the arts, and a huge range of others.

The University’s Employability Festival begins on 12th October on the Medway campus, and 26th October at Canterbury. You can find out more information about a few of the events organised by the School of History below, and you can read the full programme online, or pick up a copy from the History Office. You can find out more about Employability Festival at