EP scheme

The Employability Points (EP) Scheme rewards you for engaging in extracurricular activities whilst studying. You are awarded points depending on the level of engagement and commitment required for each activity (so, for instance, attending a talk on how to prepare a good CV will be worth fewer points than undertaking a short-term work experience placement).

At the end of each academic year, you are awarded for the number of points you have accrued. Rewards are provided by local, national, and international business sponsors (such as Coca-Cola, Sustainability Connections, IBM, the National Trust, and dozens of others), and range from gift vouchers to free iPads, skills sessions to work placements and internships. If you are undertaking any form of volunteering or extra-curricular activities, you are strongly encouraged to register for the EP scheme and have those activities rewarded.

W: http://www.kent.ac.uk/employabilitypoints/

Blog: http://blogs.kent.ac.uk/employabilitypoints/

E: employabilitypoints@kent.ac.uk