Smart Eco City: Canterbury 2050

‘Smart Eco City: Canterbury 2050’ is a special one day workshop/symposium, to be held on 14th May at the University of Kent’s Canterbury campus. The event will be an interdisciplinary sandpit where multidisciplinary teams will work on building a virtual blueprint for Canterbury 2050, drawing on latest developments from all fields.

The workshop organiser is seeking to recruit a number of volunteers to help ensure the day runs smoothly. Read on to find out more, or see the workshop’s website and Sway presentation:

The workshop will run through five key themes:

  1. Food and Ecology Network
  2. Energy and Circular Resource Use
  3. City Transport Network
  4. Community Health and Wellbeing
  5. Culture, Heritage and Economy

Each theme will be introduced by a keynote speaker for a short TED-talks style introduction, before splitting into groups for each theme and drawing on giant maps of the city to brainstorm ideas. These individual theme-maps will be compared and contrasted and a combined ‘utopian’ blueprint developed by the whole group.

Foresight and Scenario Planning techniques will then be used to identify enabling actions and policy implements that could be adopted in the next few years to increase the likelihood and enable smart and eco city developments.

We will also showcase some of the latest software and hardware to help us visualise the process and the city, such as augmented reality, 3D mapping and virtual reality.


  • Location: Sibson Building, Kent Business School, University of Kent.
  • Date: Monday 14th May 2018
  • Times: 8.30 – 5.30  (Lunch and refreshments provided)



The organising team would like to recruit a number of volunteers to help ensure that the workshop runs smoothly. If you would like to take part in the workshop in any of the roles below, please contact the organiser, Rufus Howard (

3x Event Assistant Producers

Possible Duties/Roles:

  • Setting up event space. i.e. Helping display art competition, setting up city maps, and setting up banners etc.
  • Helping set up workshop spaces, setting out printed maps, flip charts, pens etc.
  • Greeting guests and handing them event bags, and printed name badges.
  • General assistants to guests, helping to chaperone/chivvy guest from workshops to lecture theatre, from lecture to lunch and back etc.
  • Helping gather workshops maps, and work with the ‘digital team’ to convert hard copy maps to the digital virtual city map.

3x Photographers and Film Crew

Possible Duties/Roles:

  • Photography on the day.
  • Video on the day.
  • Sound recording and lighting on the day.

2x Event Technicians

Possible Duties/Roles:  ​

  • Driving the main powerpoint presentation for the lecture theatre.
  • IT assistance to guests struggling to use audience participation apps.
  • Digital City Map helpers, running the Ipads and Google Cardboard glasses around the digital augmented reality city table in the Sibson foyer.

2x Digital/Visualisation Editors Assistant

Possible Duties/Roles:  ​

  • On the day. Working with professionals to edit the virtual city model using Autodesk Infraworks software and ArcGIS.
  • In advance of the day:  Working with professionals to set up the virtual city model using Autodesk Infraworks software and ArcGIS.