school-of-history-uok-logoThe School of History is seeking to appoint a Student Research Assistant to support Dr Andrew Cohen with his research project, ‘’Labour Migration and Labour Relations in South and southern Africa, c.1900-2000’.

The successful applicant will join Dr Cohen and another Student Research Assistant on this project, and will be expected to undertake a variety of tasks, including:

  • The cataloguing of research materials
  • Obtaining research materials from archives
  • Support for the organisation of conference and other research events
  • Digitisation of records and other sources
  • Support for editorial work (standardising footnotes etc.)
  • Undertaking basic research tasks

What are Student Research Assistants?

The Student Research Assistant scheme is run by the School of History, and gives give you the opportunity to be hired as research assistants (SRAs) to work with academics in the School on their research projects. As an SRA, you would be contracted as an employee of the School, and paid the National Living Wage for all work undertaken. You would undertake a range of duties to help further the aims of the project, which could include archival research, helping organise a conference and exhibition, and undertaking your own research and learning more about a particular subject to inform your work.

If you are interested in taking on this role, the job description is below, and you have until 12noon on Friday 19th January to apply. For details on how to apply, see the job description.

Job Description – HIST_SRA_10