EP scheme

The University’s Employability Points scheme is designed to encourage and reward those who undertake activities which help your employability development, giving you points for these activities which can be exchanged for further employability activities, such as work experience placements and one-to-one careers advice, providing by local and national employers.

Below is a guest blog from the EP team, on the opportunities available through the scheme for those interested in going into the museums and heritage sector.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in Museums, Archives or another aspect of the Heritage Sector, hands on work experience is often invaluable!

The Employability Points Scheme offer a diverse range of opportunities for students to undertake work experience placements and training. We are pleased to say that we have a range of rewards specifically tailored to Kent History students.

Firstly, the Historic Dockyard Chatham have a variety of opportunities. The Dockyards themselves are home to three historic warships, museums, galleries, a Victorian Ropery and much more.

They are offering one great work experience in the Education and Learning department, for a student to assist in workshops and aspects of their educational programmes (150 points). There is also another work experience in their Collections department, to work on an archival project.

As well as this, we have opportunities with the Royal Engineers Museum, Kent’s largest military museum. The museum tells the story of military history from the Roman period to modern Corps of Royal Engineers and could appeal to both History and War Studies students.

Their slogan is ‘It’s Bigger than You Think’ and they certainly are as they house everything from a V2 Rocket, a Harrier Jet to a section of the Berlin Wall!

They are offering three work experience placements in Collections and Archives (150 points), as well as an exclusive tour of the collection, which will include a chance to handle rare and unique items (75 points).

There is even the chance to have an employability session with the Head Curator, to discuss careers in the Heritage Sector (50 points). If you are interested in a career in Museums then this is a perfect opportunity to find out more.

We are thrilled that Canterbury Cathedral are also offering rewards. There is a 2-week work experience in their Cathedral Archive and Library (150 points). The archive is rich with records and manuscripts dating since the 8th century, making this a unique experience for a student interested in archive work.

The Cathedral is also offering a chance for work experience in their ‘Canterbury Journey’ team, focused on community outreach (150 points).

There are a whole range of careers open to students of history and we are thrilled to offer such useful experience in a variety of aspects of the Heritage sector!

If you would like more information on how to apply for these rewards, please check out our website: https://www.kent.ac.uk/employabilitypoints/what-is-ep.html