There are two key stages in the process to become a solicitor:

  1. Qualifications:  Degree + vocational qualifications
  2. Work experience:  2 years legal work experience which has been ‘signed off’ as meeting the relevant criteria (there are different requirements between Training Contracts and Qualifying Work Experience so see the link below for more details)


…it’s not that easy!   It’s a very competitive industry and, to give yourself the best chance of success you will also need to have certain skills and qualities;

  • be able to write a good application and interview well;
  • have great knowledge of the world we live in (usually called “commercial awareness”);
  • understand the legal profession.

The following pages (all hyperlinked) will help you with all of the above.

Qualifcations and Training Contracts/Qualifying Work Experience


Discover the legal profession 

1st year work experience
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Making Applications