About this page

This blog does not aim to and cannot offer a comprehensive source of job opportunities. However, we want to be as helpful as we can here’s some signposting to resources:

Part time work:


  • There is general advice about finding and preparing for part time work on the Careers webpages here https://www.kent.ac.uk/ces/localparttimework.html 
    • In particular, you should sign up to the Job Shop vacancy database.  The Job Shop specialises in part time jobs for students on and off campus.
  • Part time legal paid work opportunities can sometimes find their way through to KLS academics, the clinic, Liz Foden (Employability & Placements Manager) or Jayne Instone (Careers Adviser).  Where Jayne or Liz know about these opportunities they will be brought to you attention via Moodle notifications (DP237025) and possibly also email.
  • Part time legal paid work opportunities can find their way to the University’s Job Shop – the place to go for all part time work (see above)

Selected jobs that are currently available:

  • Clear Voice (Migrant Help UK) provides interpreters for victims of modern-day slavery. They have a desperate need for freelance interpreters. Work can be flexible, paid by the hour, and could be done alongside studies for students with fluency in the right languages. Below is a link to their website, and if you scroll down it lists ‘Immediate Start’ vacancies which are for the languages currently most in need. https://clearvoice.org.uk/careers/

Graduate Jobs

  • Lawyers: Most of this blog focuses on getting into law as a graduate so please refer to other pages for information on training contracts and pupillage
  • Other legal employment opportunities for graduates such as paralegal type work are often notified to KLS during the summer months.  They are usually Kent based jobs and not normally advertised anywhere else (so, much less competition!).  When they are received they are usually emailed to you (so keep checking your email even after graduation if you want Kent based work) and/or put onto Liz Foden’s and/or Jayne Instone’s Linked In threads.
  • For all graduate jobs see https://www.kent.ac.uk/ces/student/findajob.html 
  • International Students looking for work in the UK –  Student Circus has a list of jobs open to students with a tier 4 visa – register and log in with your Kent details.
  • Finding Work Abroad – use Goinglobal – find link on https://www.kent.ac.uk/ces/advice.html – 6th tile


Please see the separate pages for work experience, volunteering/pro bono and internships.