Please note: This is not currently a complete listing – instead of creating a new post everytime I come across an internship I shall simply update this post. So, do keep visiting if you are seriously looking for an internship.

The following NGO’s, charities and other bodies all offer internships which may be of interest to law graduates. Some are legal in nature but others may use your legal skills and/or knowledge in other ways.

Follow the links to see the full details of the internships – be aware, that some organisations may only post the information on their website when the application process goes ‘live’. This means that there may be no information for part of the year and you will need to keep revisiting if you are interested. However, most of the organisations will have some kind of social media/email sign up which will alert you to the positions when then do, indeed, ‘go live’.


Each internship will be different. Most are likely to have a closing date of January in your final year. Some will be earlier. Many accept applications from May in your penultimate year of study. So, research in year 2, draft your applications during your final summer and make the actual application as you return for your final year.

The Links:

And….those who do not offer internships but may offer an alternative (usually volunteering):